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3lb. Sterilized 5 Grain Spawn Bag

3lb. Sterilized 5 Grain Spawn Bag

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Our 3lb Sterilized 5 Grain Spawn Bags feature:

  • Clean organic grains
  • 3mm Polypropylene bag with 0.22 micron filter patch
  • Pre-soaked and simmered to perfectly hydrate and dry the exterior of the grain before sterilization.
  • Mineral blend that promotes germination and growth while preventing the grains from sticking together.

Recent grows have shown remarkable results, with mushrooms of impressive size, quantity, and potency!

We start with organic rye berries as the base and add red sorghum, white sorghum, and millet. This combination of smaller grains increases surface area and inoculation points, speeding up colonization times while maintaining nitrogen and nutrients.

Each bag is equipped with a built-in filter patch for gas exchange and a high-positioned, self-healing injector port for easy, error-proof inoculation.

Guaranteed to arrive 100% sterile and ready to inoculate! Simply add 3-5 cc's of your preferred grain or dung-loving spores or liquid culture. Each spawn bag is sealed and pressure sterilized at 18 PSI for 180 minutes. Guaranteeing your 3lb grain bag shows up sterile & ready to inoculate.

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