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Gro Magik

5lb. Mushroom Substrate For Bulk Monotub Growing

5lb. Mushroom Substrate For Bulk Monotub Growing

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Our premium 5lb. substrate includes:


  • Coco Coir


  • Vermiculite


  • Gypsum


  • Lime


  • Oyster Shell Flour

Our substrate is fully hydrated, pasteurized, and ready to use right out of the bag. Just combine it with fully colonized grain spawn to begin your bulk mushroom growing journey. Each 5-pound bag comes sealed and can be stored in the refrigerator or freezer for up to 6 months.

Perfectly Hydrated and Ready to Use

Our Bulk Mushroom Substrate is always at “field capacity”, and will be the perfect moisture content when you are ready to spawn to bulk. Simply open the bag and mix – no need for additional preparation. We use only the highest quality ingredients and additives to ensure reliability and resistance to mold and contamination.

Unmatched Mold and Contamination Resistance

Our Bulk Mushroom Substrate boasts a high level of resistance to mold and contamination. We use specific ingredients that create an environment conducive to mushroom growth while inhibiting mold and bacterial threats. By pasteurizing (not sterilizing) at lower temperatures, we preserve the natural anti-microbial properties of coco coir, further protecting against mold and bacteria.

Ideal Dung-Loving Mushrooms

Whether you're cultivating grain-loving or dung-loving mushrooms, our substrate provides the perfect growing medium. Experience the Gro Magik difference with a product designed to support healthy, robust mushroom growth.

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